San Raffaele Telethon Institute for Gene Therapy

Administration, Organization & Control



Renata Ponzè


The Administration, Organization and Control Unit has the mission of supporting SR-Tiget in the acquisition and management of material and human resources for an efficient development of research and institutional objectives. The Unit has three main goals:

  1. ensuring that appropriate administrative procedures are in place at the Institute for an effective co-management with Telethon Foundation and Ospedale San Raffaele;
  2. providing the financial elements to support the strategic decisions of the Institute;
  3. guaranteeing an organization in line with the Institute’s strategic objectives and a constant improvement of professional skills.

In synergy with other Areas, it also contributes to the development of a culture of collaboration to maintain the excellence of SR-Tiget research. The Unit’s staff has a diverse background ranging from Economics, Organizational Science, Humanities and Political Science.



The Unit is divided into two areas:

1. Administration and Control, whose activities are:

  • purchasing (e.g. management of purchase requests, monitoring of funds);
  • budget and control (e.g. management of annual budget and business plans, support to grant management);
  • billing (e.g. invoice issuing and management);
  • organization of business travels (e.g. trip planning, management of congress registration fees and reimbursement).

2. Personnel Management and Organization, whose activities are:

  • organizational development (e.g. recruitment, designing of career paths and managerial training plans, governance implementation);
  • administrative personnel management (e.g. collection of documents necessary for contract activations and resource onboarding);
  • internal reporting (.e.g. management of head count and organizational chart)