San Raffaele Telethon Institute for Gene Therapy

Research Operations



Tiziano Di Tomaso


The Research Operations Office (ROO) manages the collective operational aspects necessary to efficiently carry out the research activity at SR-Tiget. The core of the ROO tasks concerns the optimization of the operational processes that govern the daily work of researchers, with a close balance between consolidation of historical processes used in the institute, new strategic approaches and constant problem solving activities. The main objective pursued by the ROO is to ensure a high degree of work quality in terms of safety and effectiveness with the idea that a good coordination of the Institute procedures, logistics and supply can ensure more successful operations with reduced costs.


The role of the Research Operations Manager is mainly focused on developing new strategies for the Institute's operations, problem solving and coordinating activities that include supervision of safety, infrastructural issues, maintenance of equipment and acquisition of new instruments, management of common laboratory stocks and software licenses. These activities are closely related to the needs of all operators within the Institute and can be divided in three areas:

  1. optimization of research operability (e.g. interaction with other operational areas of Ospedale San Raffaele for functional organization of SR-Tiget spaces, implementation and management of optimization projects concerning the use of reagents and equipment);
  2. management and optimization of SR-Tiget purchases (e.g. instruments, laboratory stocks,software licenses);
  3. safety supervision.