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Science Communication Office



Sofia Erica Rossi


The Science Communication Office aims to increase awareness about IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele research efforts, and to promote the interaction between citizens, patients and our basic and clinical researchers

The goal of the Office is to generate engagement in science, to produce informational content and to build support for Ospedale San Raffaele and its mission. The audiences include the general public, teachers, students and the scientific community.


The office is responsible for the production of research related content for press and online written communications, public events, school projects and institute’s visits.

Among our activities:

  • Writing press releases and web news about OSR research, both in Italian and English, in collaboration with the Press Office;
  • Designing, managing and delivering outreach activities in schools and public events, such as public talks and science festivals;
  • Producing and editing contents for audio-visual material regarding San Raffaele research, in collaboration with GSD Multimedia Office;
  • Supporting researchers in planning communication activities for grant applications, in collaboration with the Grant Office;
  • Producing contents (leaflets, brochures, etc) about the research activity of San Raffaele for fundraising activities, in collaboration with the Fundraising Office.
  • Editing all the content published in the institutional research website and managing the website;

Explore our outreach activities here.


We collaborate with other institute departments and offices, such as the Press Office, Fundraising Office, Grant Office, Research Integrity Office, the Scientific Direction and the Communication and Marketing Office of the overall GSD hospital group.