Support offices

Scientific Secretariat


Strategic and Scientific Coordinator

Paola Larghi


The Scientific Secretariat supports the Scientific Director and the entire Scientific Directorate in the functions of organizing, monitoring, and facilitating research as well as in the development of strategies to guide the future of research at San Raffaele. We also strive to provide support directly to researchers in all facets of their work.


Our main responsibilities are:

  • Assist the Scientific Director in the implementation of the corporate strategies of the Research Area
  • Support the Scientific Director in the coordination and supervision of the research activities​​ from a scientific point of view
  • Liaise with the heads of the research structures (research groups, facilities, offices, Directors of DR / CR / IR, etc.) and with the other OSR directorates, departments and services in order to support the Scientific Director in the coordination and supervision of the Research Area
  • Ensure the effective management of communication and relations with the Ministry of Health and other internal and external stakeholders regarding the management of networks and all institutional activities of a scientific nature


The Scientific Secretariat also interacts and coordinates with the Research Department of the Vita - Salute San Raffaele University to support the Institute and researchers by monitoring national and international calls for the financing of research projects as well as by promoting and organizing institutional projects from the submission phase to project management from a scientific point of view.