Scientific Secretariat

Paola Larghi

Paola Larghi

Location: Dibit 2, A2, Floor 6, Room 561

Strategic and Scientific Coordinator, Scientific Secretariat

Paola Larghi has a degree in Biology and a PhD in Experimental Pathology and Neuropathology earned at the University of Milan in 2009. She worked as post-doctoral researcher at the Institute Curie, in Paris – France, and as senior researcher at Humanitas Research hospital, at the University of Padua and at the National Institute of Molecular Genetics in Milan. In 2017, she moved to the research management field at the Regional Foundation for Biomedical Research, Regione Lombardia, where she was appointed as head of the Scientific Office.

In 2020, she moved to San Raffaele Research Hospital, where she is head of the Scientific Secretariate.