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Roberto Buccione


The IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele values the honesty and integrity of its research community in accordance with its mission of conducting innovative fundamental and clinical research.


The charge of the newly established Research Integrity Office (RIO) is to ensure the quality, trustworthiness and reproducibility of our research by upholding high standards of integrity and quality in science, and vigorously pursuing all substantiated allegations of research misconduct while protecting our community from unsubstantiated ones. The RIO also works to foster an environment in which the responsible conduct of research, as outlined in the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity, is explicitly discussed and encouraged.


The research integrity office fulfils its function through a number of wide-ranging activities including:

  1. Promoting open environment and culture
  2. Development of research integrity policies and guidelines, and their implementation
  3. Development and provision of educational and training programmes including on responsible conduct of research
  4. Oversight of internal and external complaints related to research misconduct and coordination of preliminary investigations
  5. Acting as a primary point of contact for research personnel, funding agencies and scientific journals on research integrity and misconduct matters
  6. Provision of advice to individuals and other Offices within OSR on the responsible conduct of research, research integrity and ethics
  7. Development of educational activities with the collaboration of research staff to improve presentation and reproducibility of scientific data, including image handling and statistics
  8. Implementation of initiatives to improve research data management and accountability.
  9. Manuscript screening for plagiarism


The Research Integrity Office, through the collaboration with other OSR offices and the wider research community, is providing clear and applicable guidelines and regulations governing RCR. Discover them here.


The OSR RIO does not function in isolation with respect to the wider research community. We are actively engaged in exchange and collaboration with other institutions and organisations to ensure harmonisation of the principles of responsible conduct of research and to design strategies to ensure effective training for the younger generations of scientists.