Omics Sciences

Innovation Lab


Area coordinator

Francesca Giannese


The Innovation Lab is a scientific and technology hub providing space for innovative NGS-related technology implementation and development.
From third generation sequencing to single cell omics, this lab is devoted to offering support to the scientific community through state-of-the-art technologies, protocol testing and development, instrumentation evaluation.

Research activity

The Innovation Lab research activity focuses on single-cell genomics. The main aim of the lab is developing and integrating techniques and tools for parallel genomics and transcriptomics characterisation from single cells for translational research.

Those tools will be exploited to investigate the mechanism of cancer resistance and evolution in colorectal cancer, which is the focus of the Accelerator Award CRUK-AIRC founded project, “Single-cell cancer evolution in the clinic”.

Innovation lab also provides scientific coordination and technological support for Menarini Biomarker-founded projects aimed at biomarker discovery for early stage disease diagnosis and prognosis using single cell genomics and Deparray (Menarini Biomarker) platform.