Omics Sciences



Area coordinator

Dejan Lazarevic


The Genomics lab is committed to performing accurate and innovative library preparation and next generation sequencing (NGS) protocols using state-of-the-art technologies and instruments.
The Genomics lab is fundamental for genomics study, giving support for both, researchers and clinicians of HSR, as well as for all outside researchers who would like to extend their research in this field. For analysis of MPS data, we work intensively with COSR bioinformatics community on the development of in-house, freely accessible tools. On request, the lab staff also train individual researchers on corresponding subjects.

Research activity

The Genomics lab massively parallel sequencing (MPS) suite boasts HiSeq2500, and cBot instruments,  MiSeq, as well as NextSeq 500 sequencer and NovaSeq 6000.
Preparation of MPS libraries for various applications is supported by a robust instrumentation infrastructure (e.g. Covaris, Bioanalyzer, Tapestation 4100, Qubit, Mic PCR and QuantStudio 12k). To deal with increasing numbers of incoming samples, we recently reinforced our instrumentation infrastructure using Epmotion 5075 (Eppendorf), Hamilton and Mosquito TTP(Labtech) liquid handling robots.
Very recently, attention has been focused on single-cell research. For this purpose, the lab equipped its facility with Drop Seq, DepArray and Chromium 10x.

The genomics lab deals with all the necessary stages for NGS sequencing:

  • reception and storage of samples,
  • quality check,
  • library preparation,
  • sequencing protocols.

The produced row data are interpreted, and their quality is critically analyzed.

Existing protocols are optimized and customized to conform to collaborators’ and customers’ needs. We continue to establish new protocols enabling the processing of challenging samples such as low input, FFPE  or metagenomics samples.